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PC Backup Services

From file backup to complete disk imaging, we can build a backup solution that is both cost effective and easy to maintain. Theres nothing worse than losing your data to a catastrophe that could have been avoided with an automated backup system.

Common causes of data loss:

  •     Hard disk failures
  •     User error (accidentally deleted/overwritten)
  •     Power surges
  •     Virus outbreaks
  •     Natural disasters (hurricanes/fires/lightning)When you need it:
  •     You have data on your computer that you cannot afford to lose
  •     You heavily rely on your PC and want the minimum downtime from any failure
  •     You want to sleep well at night knowing your data is safely being backed up regularly
  •     You rely on your PC for your business and/or require it to make money
  •     Your system is ?on the way out? or you plan on moving to a new PC

Required Time:
    1 - 4 hours or more (depending on amount of data)

What Gets Done:

  •     Install Backup Software (if necessary)
  •     Install Backup Hardware: USB drives, CDR, DVDR, Tape Drives, etc (if necessary)
  •     Create Complete System Backup**
  •     Configure backup software to notify you via email (optional)
  •     Configure backup software to rotate backups after X number of backups (optional)
  •     Schedule regular backup plan to automatically backup necessary data
  •     Create rescue media and data recovery plan

** Highly recommend Maintenance Services or Overhaul Services prior to creating a complete backup in order to ensure backup integrity and minimize space required


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